Registration Instructions and Form

  1. Complete the New Member Registration Form which includes the following:
    • Resume - click on sample format for an example. This format is just a suggestion. Any format may be used.
    • Digital photos (maximum 2 snapshots; one full body and one close up is recommended, files not to exceed 2 mb in size)
  2. You should have *1* file to attach, which includes your application, resume, and photos. Save filename as Name - High School (College).doc [Example: Susie Sorority - Klein (Texas A&M).doc]. We can only accept Word or PDF files. The attached file should be NO LARGER than 6 MB.
  3. Email the registration form to the Recruitment Chairman -
  4. IMPORTANT: You must sign up with your college panhellenic in order to go through recruitment. They will require similar information packets which will be unique to each college campus. Check your college website to find out the exact requirements, and when they are due. See Colleges and Universities for a list of websites.

DEADLINE: Packets must be received by May 1, 2019 for fall and deferred recruitment.

Contact the NWHCAP Recruitment Chairman Heather Buerger via email at if you have any questions.